"Having just completed an upper management meeting regarding the independent services we utilize, I would like to inform you that your company achieved the highest ratings on the thoroughness of investigations you have performed for us. The reports are always timely, concise, fact containing, and documented well with the accompanying films, photographs, etc.

It is a pleasure to be in the position to be able to write a letter along these lines. I look forward to a continued working relationship with you and your company"
  - Chuck - Las Vegas, NV

"I would like to take this opportunity to extend our positive recognition for your professional effort and work product. It is this type of team cooperation and understanding the customers needs that makes a sound business relationship between customer and Vendor"
  - Jim - Las Vegas, NV

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for the dedicated and diligent service you have provided to us over the past two years. I always know that when I call, you are immediately on the job with no lag time. This, as you know, can be crucial in investigations and surveillance as one lead on a claimant may be the only lead, and that lead can be a make it or break it situation on a workers compensation claim"
  -Katy - Las Vegas, NV

"I attorney with over thirteen (13) years experience in the fields of plaintiff personal injury and insurance defense, including numerous civil jury trials. During my years of practice, I have made the decision to obtain sub rosa surveillance on a party in a limited amount of cases. In one such case, I retained Drase Investigations for that purpose. The method by which they conducted their investigation and the quality of their investigation resulted in valuable film that ultimately saved my principal several hundred thousand dollars when it was presented, for the first time, at mediation. In addition, the product of their investigation resulted in the pursuit of a fraud claim by EIC/SIIS because of the clarity and quality of the evidence.   As an attorney, I highly recommend Drase Investigations to any litigator in the Las Vegas area, or otherwise. Based upon my experience, the quality of their film any their ability to capture the subject with clarity are well above average in that field"
  - Denise - Las Vegas, NV

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how well Jennifer Drase of Drase Adjusting Service has represented your company. Last month there was a fire in my house that destroyed half the house. Having never been through anything like this before, I was left completely overwhelmed as to what to do and how to deal with all the questions and personal difficulties that result after an event such as this. From day one, Jennifer has been unbelievable in the stellar quality of service she has provided. She has given us a great deal of her time, energy and advice in all aspects of this loss, far exceeding our expectations or what I imagine is customary. Because of the exemplary care and diligence she has demonstrated. It is my conviction that as long as Drase Adjusting Service is involved in assisting your policy holders, usually under very trying circumstances, you will continue to have loyal and happy policy holders"
  - Carolyn - Henderson, NV

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for the excellent service and professionalism you and your staff have provided over the years on all of our requests and assignments. The hard work performed by yourself and your staff has been a real asset to our risk management program"
  - Robert - Las Vegas, NV

I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for fulfilling a recent assignment with service, accuracy, and expediency seldom seen in the independent adjuster claims handling arena. In the past, our company has utilized at least twenty different independent insurance adjusters both locally and out of state. Although the majority of work has been completed professionally and timely, I cannot recall such a pleasurable experience of an independent carrying through with the same intensity as that of the company adjuster.   "I commend you on the ultra fast turn around time. I also appreciate that you explained to the property owner the particulars concerning her-claim, ACV, and "Pair & Set". Control of this claim was maintained due to your efforts"
  - Paul - Las Vegas, NV

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