What is a Claims Adjuster?
Claims adjuster (claim adjuster), or claims handler (claim handler), investigates insurance claims by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, consulting police and hospital records, and inspecting property damage to determine the extent of the companys liability.

Why are Claims Investigations needed?
Unfortunately Claims Investigations are needed because, although many claims are legitimate, there are some that are not. Statistically, these illegitimate claims conservatively cost $80 billion dollars annually across all lines of insurance. We work with Insurance Companies, Employers and Attorneys.

What should I look for in an Insurance Adjuster?
You should look for the same qualities you would look for in any other professional, which includes experience and proven performance. Your Adjuster should be licensed and bonded. Your chosen Adjuster should also utilize its own staff of adjusters, appraisers and other professionals to assist him or her in maximizing the benefits you are entitled to receive after a claim. The Adjuster you choose should be aware of your needs and responsive to you concerns.
Who uses the services of an Independent Adjuster?
Individuals, businesses and professionals including banks, churches, restaurants, accountants, attorneys and even insurance adjusters and agents on their own losses utilize Independent Adjusters. Once a client has experienced the benefits an Independent Adjuster has to offer, it is rare that they will attempt to settle a claim without us afterwards.

How can an Independent Adjuster better serve me over an insurance company adjuster?
The insurance company employs the insurance company adjuster and that’s where their loyalties are. In theory, insurance company adjusters must strike a balance between your interests and those of their company, unfortunately their employer’s interests tend to be considered first. With an independent agent we work to maintain an even balance between insurance company and the insured. We take no sides.

Why choose an Independent Adjuster?
When an independent investigator/adjuster understands how a company claims department works, he or she is better able to respond to the needs of the client.

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